Digital Media

Sales and Installation

​With Digital Media you can reach your customers with a better display source of your products! Have a plan? Let us show you what products we have to display that plan!

Hang display monitors virtually anywhere, ceiling, walls, any size, any place!

Professional Installation of:

Media Rooms

Sound Systems

Menu Boards

Display Boards

Story Boards

Sports Bar TVs

Grocery Stores

Retail Stores

WiFi, Electrical and Data Services also!

You Name it!

Assistance Buttons

Smart Shelf and Retail Customer Help Buttons

We have teamed up to provide your customers with wireless push button notifiers!  Not only does this help with customer service it also provides detailed information of button press history, response times for assistance and much more! Other services provided are night bells when customers walk in the doors over the paging system, customer check out notification buttons and assistance in Loss Prevention options! A MUST for 24 hour stores with limited personnel

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Legacy systems

We service Nortel Norstar/BCM!

Do you have a older Nortel Nosrtar/BCM telephone system that is still meeting your needs but you need to have it maintained, upgraded or need phones repaired or replaced? Then Chain Communications can help you save money while getting the most out of your existing system. If you are seeking a new Telephone system, please call us and we can put in the right system that will work for you and your budget.

Structured Cabling

Network Cabling

WiFi  Computer Telephone

Whatever your needs may be, we have the application to serve your needs. New cabling infrastructure including coax/data for TV, multi TV systems like a sports bar that have for multiple viewing of many different TV's from any source. Data networking - We can build you a main computer room to each PC, Printer, Videoconferencing, Telephone systems, Whole property intercom systems, Long haul and Short haul wireless intercom systems. WiFi networking for your whole building or home. Call us to see how we can build you a network for now and the future.

Security Surveillance


Home  Retail  Business

A picture is worth a thousand words!

In today's world of privacy, you need security; with Chain Communications, we can give you that sense of security with cameras installed in and around the very places you want to secure. Todays DVRs and NVRs come equipped with internet ready apps that allow you to view your property from any where you have a internet connection. If you have  a retail space, your home or any type of business, give us a call for more information!

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